ATI and the state of Mac graphics cards

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I've spent the last few days in frustration due to the fact that I want to upgrade my video card. It seems that I've two choices when it comes to purchasing the card I want: go with some damned expensive reseller for my 9800 OR buy a converted PC card off Ebay for what would amount to be a decent price (around $250us) for a flashed Mac-compatible 9800. Given those choices, I've decided to write to ATI and let them know I'm not happy about these options! I think if we as a community banded together to voice our concerns and complaints, maybe, just maybe, someone up on high will see that there's customers out there that they're actually losing due to the fact that they treat us Mac users like garbage.

My problem is ATI's treatment of customers who use the Macintosh platform. I'm sick and tired of being treated as a second-class citizen just because of my platform of choice. My first problem is the pricing of all cards for Macintosh. There are, of course, the current arguments that it costs more to develop Macintosh video cards hence the price difference in comparison with the PC versions of cards, but there are those out there that are taking PC-video cards, flashing the ROMs, and then selling them for significantly less than current Mac cards cost, while still being significantly higher than the PC-offerings. If an individual can buy, reformat, and then resell the card for significantly less than the cost of a 'true' Mac card, then why can't ATI sell us a card directly that is competitive with the PC offerings?

Second, ATI offers an upgrade path for anyone looking to use any new ATI card via it's ATI Trade-up program. I thought that idea was a good one.... that is, until I actually tried to use it to buy a 9800 for Macintosh. Apparently, though it says nothing to state otherwise, Mac users are out of luck if they want to use this option as ATI doesn't allow for Mac cards to be traded-up-to. Frankly, I'm tired of being treated as a second-class citizen and I'm tired of companies not responding to the needs of Mac users. Market-share arguments aside, ATI needs to start treating its Mac customers with more respect because these are the types of things we look at when it comes to choose who we purchase our products from.

Frankly, I don't know what to do but I definitely think SOMETHING should be done! That's why I'm reaching out to you guys and seeing if you have any suggestions. If we don't draw the line and let them know they can't do this to us, companies like ATI will continue to dismiss their Macintosh audience as people they can take advantage of.

a disappointed Mac fan,

michael de agonia


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    Unfortunately we must pay for, employee management, market research, ROM development, packaging, and documentation. These costs aren't spread over as high a volume as those produced for the PC market.

    One solution: Apple could design it's systems to use cards with the PC ROM.

    I don't think ATI is to blaim for the price of Mac graphics cards. In fact, nobody is to blaim.

    There is no way around economies of scale and the size of the Mac GPU upgrade market.
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    Originally posted by Gambit

    My problem is ATI's treatment of customers who use the Macintosh platform. I'm sick and tired of being treated as a second-class citizen just because of my platform of choice.

    Thank Apple for this. Not ATI
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    Are there issues with using a flashed PC card? Why not just do that?
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