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First, without looking anything up on the web, have you ever heard of Punahou School?

I've heard that if you mention Punahou almost anywhere, there will be at least one person that has heard of it or gone there.

Common Sources: Punahou School

Steve Case - Former CEO of AOL

Case Middle School - Named after Steve Case


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    My cousin went to Punahou. Don't know much about it. She was on the shooting team.

    My high school also hosted a summer trip to China when some people from the Iolani school also took part...just to drop the name of the other Hawaiian prep school I've heard of.
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    Originally posted by tonton

    So, it looks like trtam's assertion was correct!

    You went to a parochial all-boys (at least sort of) boarding school? That explains everything!
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    Yes, it's the largest, and perhaps best, high school in Hawaii. The legacy of the missionaries is that most schools in Hawaii are private, particularly the good ones.

    It's in Honolulu, like almost everything else in Hawaii. One of my roommates in college went to Punahou, and I met a few other kids who went there. I also have two Hawaiian friends who went to Kamehameha, another top school in the land of rainbows. There's some other big school down there, may be lolani, that Punahou "doesn't like" in the typical high school rivalry manner. My friend nearly got expelled from Punahou his senior year after he and some friends painted "Mang" on trees and walls of that school.

    I've been told that "mang" is some moderately derrogatory term to describe orientals. I say it's moderately derrogatory, because I've never actually met anyone from Hawaii who doesn't have a little (usually more than a little) oriental ancenstry, including my friend, who is half Chinese.
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    Yep - I know at least a few people here at college that went to high school there. They hall have good things to say about it, and are a pretty tight-knit crowd.
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    New Update: Barack Obama was a Punahou Graduate.
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