USB Pen Memory w/ password?

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I'm looking to get a 128mb or 256mb usb memory stick, that I can use to save to and switch between Mac and PC.

I would like it to have a password to access the data saved on it. Anyone know of a good one, under $50?

I've found a few on line but can't seem to find out if the password will work on a Mac.



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    Something like

    not sure if a password would work on a Mac.
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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,551member
    Here is a description of the Lexar drive showing how to set the password on both the Mac and the PC.

    I also ran across a note talking about how a password on a USB drive can be hacked. Check with the manufacturer to be sure they've fixed this.

    There is a third party way around this. For example, you could create an encrypted file with stuffit then copy it to the PC and decrypt it on the PC. You'd need Stuffit on both platforms.

    There may be other cross platform apps to do this. PGP comes to mind.
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    go to for complete details. On my 256mb usb I have an encrypted disk image (that can expand to any size)that I simply mount as the secure portion of the USB key.
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