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I thought about posting this in genius bar, so if i made the wrong decision, please move it!

I recently purchased a new powerbook (whoo hoo!) and transferred my music files from an external hard drive (that had been copied from my home pc) and uploaded them into itunes. Having not transferred my playlists, play count and ratings, i decided to use ipodrip to transfer everything from my ipod directly, which it did flawlessly.

However, for some reason i now have 15 more tracks in itunes than i do on my ipod - 2741 as opposed to 2728 on the ipod - and having looked for duplicates, unlabeled files etc. i can find no reason as to this difference. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before and if they knew of a simple reason as to why this happens? I'm extremely fickle when it comes to my itunes library (so much so that it's taken me 3 months to organise those files, and i have another 15000 mp3's to go). and this difference is bugging me. I was unsure whether it was an itunes fault or the ipod.

Does anyone have any advice?


p.S I know i could switch between the itunes and ipod library in itunes and check the songs one by one but i don't feel like doing that!
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