Applecare for iPod worth it?

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I bought my lovely 3G 40GB iPod last October. When Applecare for iPod was announced, I thought it would be a good idea to apply just before my warranty ran out, thinking that by the time my APP runs out I'd need a battery replacement anyway.

Considering the price for Applecare for iPod is $55 and iPod battery replacement is $99, plus the added protection just in case, it seems like a good idea.


I'm definitely going to get a new iPod as soon as the capacity is increased to 60GB, whether it's a photo iPod or not. And I think that'll happen before Christmas. At which point I'll have 2 iPods. And at which point APP won't matter much because I'll either be selling my iPod or I'll be using it very infrequently.

Would APP be a selling point for my old iPod? My iPod is in perfect shape, as I've never, ever used it without a case or dropped it without a case on (I've dropped it in a case but without any visual effect whatsoever). Almost no scratches on the front or the back -- it looks like new, despit having used it almost every day.

Did I waste $55 or did I get my money's worth? Comments? Anyone else buy APP for their iPod and why?


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    Originally posted by tonton

    Anyone else buy APP for their iPod and why?

    Yes and because I travel.

    As for the rest of it...umm not a clue
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    I am not positive, but I don't think applecare will replace the battery because it's capacity decreases.
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    They'll replace it if it no longer holds 50% after a full charge. ie It only gives 4 or 6 hrs charge after a full charge cycle.
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