Finder windows - predictable now ;)

in macOS edited January 2014

unexpectedly i found out today - from now on even the behavior of finder windows is predictable. Actually, it must have something to do with the latest update (10.3.5) . Did they really fixed that issue? Unbelievable.

Prior to that particular update the behavior of finder windows was (under some circumstances) pretty painfull, they poped up where they liked, they took the size what they liked. You could resize and resize - but they couldn't memobloodyrize their size and sometimes their damn last location. Well. Fixed.

After that particular update finder windows are predictable. Now you can resize and what not (even in column view, the culprit), close the window, open the very same window, and it appears at the same spot with the same face. Wonderful.

Good evening.

PS: Am i the only one who covered that?


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    gavrielgavriel Posts: 175member
    Good find! But there still remains much work to be done. Dragging a folder from the desktop two folders down will change the aqua folder window back into brushed metal.
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