iBook G4- Screen & Display Preferences acting a bit Peculiar. Few Quieries, if I may?

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I have a one year old, or so, ibook G4. It is one of the 12.1" models. I have been using it daily since purchase and have just come across my first truly bothersome problem. The problem has to do with the screen resolution. It started during a power off to reboot process. When the computer was rebooting and visuals started to appear on screen I noticed the display area was a bit less than usual. It was about a 2/3rds the area that full screen would be. This left me with a frame of black around my viewing area, and more importantly left with hurting with less than my already miniscule display space.

Once it booted fully into OSX I checked the diplay preferences. I was suprised to see that the OS was recognizing an external display that wasn't there. It had an external vga display listed that was running at 800x600. My primary LCD on the ibook was running at the normal 1024x768. Thus the disparity in screen size. I changed the setting on the phantom external display to 1280x960 which was my only opinion higher than 800x600.

So I have my full screen back. I still can't get the computer to stop recognizing the non-existant external display. I have rebooting time and time again to no avail. I tried asking the computer to detect displays and it froze up, on both attempts.

My best guess is that the problem arises from my use of the screen spanning hack. It just seems odd that the program would cause a problem eight months after it was initiallly installed and used many times after that sucessfully. It is screen spanning doctor v3.0. Any guesses at fixes that would solve this slightly irritating problem.

Thanks in Advance, Lee


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    What if you have the external plugged in then detect display in the CP, then disconnect it and detect displays again, does that stop it from being seen?
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