and Exchange 2003?

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Can anyone tell me the REAL differences between's "IMAP" setting and "Exchange" settings? I cant get ANYONE at Apple to define exactly what the "Exchange" settings do different that the regular IMAP settings.

Nobody at Apple can explain to me what the "Outlook Web Access" field does exactly.

What is the benefit of using Apple's "Exchange" settings as opposed to IMAP when configuring for a Exchange server connection?

What is the best connection type if I want to see server-side folders like the "Public Folders"? "Exchange" doesn't help at all. My testing concludes that IMAP is actually BETTER than "Exchange" when it comes to seeing Public Folders and Calendar stuff.


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    othelloothello Posts: 1,054member
    my understanding was that doesn't *really* connect to an exchange server -- it will only 'connect' when IMAP folders are turned on at the exchange server (something which a lot of MS network admins will not do...
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