Pismo hard drive mystery

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I got a 40Gb (IBM) to upgrade my Pismo that was originally came in a G4 Powerbook (IBM) that was erased and zeroed out with no OS. When I have the hard drive installed, it does not give me the flashing "?" telling me it cannot find a system folder and freezes when I try to boot from an OS CD (9.1 in this "test" case). I also tested it with the Fujitsu 18GB that I upgraded my WallStreet with and got the same results. My original WallStreet 2Gb gives me the flashing "?". But when I remove the 18 & 40Gb hard drives and reinstall everything, it does what it is supposed to and I can boot from the OS CD.

I went to my local Apple store and they told me it appeared I had the drive installed correctly in the caddy. I installed the caddy minus the hard drive and it gave me the flashing "?".

I decided to try a 2nd 40Gb (Toshiba) and 2nd hard drive caddy with the same results. I found out that I am running firmware version 4. 1. 8f5. Could that darn firmware version be the problem? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Can you put the 40 gig in the wallstreet (I have one in mine with panther) and format it, then install the OS. After that try transplanting the 40 gig into the pismo and see what happens.

    Does the pismo do anything with any hard drive at all?

    Even without a hard drive, you should be able to boot from a disk in many cases-I done it with quadras, and PB190/5300, and my wallstreet. COuldn't do anything, but it did confirm that the chipsets were okay.

    There are also some ways to boot frm a network, but I think you need to have the Hard drive formatted.

    It is formatted, right? Zeroing out all the sectors removes all formatting and you need to reformat the hard drive using Disk Tools, Disk UItility, or some other app.
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