Better Living Through Benchmarks

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hello people. Just thought you might be interested in a little annoucement we made tonight on Geek Patol.

<blockquote>If there?s one thing that computer geeks and enthusiasts care about, it?s computer performance. The easiest way to measure computer performance? Benchmarks! Benchmarks provide a quick and (hopefully!) standard way of comparing performance between two (or more) computers.

One problem with existing benchmarks, though, is that while there are a lot of benchmarks available for Windows, Xbench is really the only benchmark available for Mac OS X. While Xbench is an interesting benchmark, we?ve noticed some limitations with it (such as SMP support).

Another problem is that there aren?t any general cross-platform benchmarks, making it difficult for the average user to compare performance between Windows and Mac OS X, and between different processor architectures.

We?ve decided to address these problems by writing our own benchmark: Geek Bench.</blockquote>

Be sure to check out the rest of the article.
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