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me again.

Now we've moved to the powerbook. I've just installed Panther, and i've turned on File vault.

I want my e-mail to be stored securely. So here's what I don't get:

What the **** is "on My Mac"?

When an e-mail is in mail, is it stored in Home?

I know Home is now secure (actually, when exactly is it secure - do I have to be logged out? Computer off?)

Anyway I want the e-mails to be stored in File Vault so no one can get to them.

So...uh...what exactly do I need to do?

In summary... .....I've turned on firewall, turned on Filevault, will try to find that Firmware to block firewire access...

All knowledge here is from 'The missing manual", btw.

I feel I need the finishing touch to make everything hypersecure when I hit the road in a few days.

Sorry for the confusing question/s. I hope it makes sense anyway.


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    I think I should clarify my question.

    What is "On My Mac" which appears in the mail : move messages to "On MY Mac"?

    How do I get the e-mail into the filevault? When exactly is it secure, when not? For example, I've downloaded mail. Is it in the vault? Does it go there when I read the mail? Do I have to move it there? If so - how?
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    Your e-mails are stored in the Users/User Name/Library/Mail folder. If you have firevault on, your emails will be protected.
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