why would Apple DOWNGRADE components (Pioneer 107-108)??

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On the premiere French mac site, www.macbidouille.com, there is a story about how someone received a new G5 powermac that has a Pioneer 117 DVD-R. seeing that 117 didnt ring a bell and Pioneer doesn't even have it listed, they went to physically see what it says on the drive. They found out it was a 108, FLASHED to work as 107!!!

WHY would apple do this????????? They could actually brag that they are giving better coponents, and yet, they actually dumb them down!


I really dont understand the logic


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    squashsquash Posts: 332member
    Mb it's pioneer that dumbs them down..not apple. Just a thought, since they are the supplier.
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    daveleedavelee Posts: 245member
    Well, I guess it is because Apple sources OEM products from a variety of manufacturers. Apple has stated the DVD burning speeds in the PowerMac tech specs. If one person receives a G5 with double those speeds whilst someone else doesn't (an earlier batch e.g), it might cause problems.

    I assume that it is as cheap for Apple to buy bulk 16x DVD writers from Pioneer as 8x, so they may buy them now, for installation in current products and then have the opportunity to use them if they need to in an updated product later...
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