Mac OS on GameCube

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Is it possible to run a version of Mac OS on a GameCube? I know you can run linux on the GameCube. Couldn't you run Mac-On-Linux within linux? The speed shouldn't be all that bad either considering it runs a PowerPC processor. Just a thought. One would think it would be possible to run Mac OS on the next xBox because won't it be based on the PowerPC architecture as well? Should be interesting!


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    Doubtful, but it *would* be really neat if you could run Mac OS on the Xbox 28)
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    Since wishes have flippers all of a sudden. Can I have Virtual GameStation 2? I'd love to play my PS2 games at the office. Sweet.
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    It does have a G3 variant, and an ATi Chipset (actually designed by another company that was bought by ATi just before the Gamecube launch) but apart from that I'm afraid there are no similarities.

    Also, I doubt running OS X on a system without a hard drive is probably not feasible at this time.

    Perhaps on next-gen hardware like the Xbox2 it might be possible, however they say it won't have a hard drive (video game makers too afraid of piracy). I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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