iTMS and .Mac account won't allow me to login.

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All excited to find out Apple finally launched the dutch version of iTMS, i tried to login using my 9 months old .Mac account. However, when i try to login using iTunes 4.6 i get the following message:

"Your account is not valid for use in the Dutch store. You must switch to the UK store, to create an iTunes Music Store Account."

Right. So i switch to the UK store, try to login, and it gives me this message:

"This Apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes Music Store. Please review your account information"

Cool, looks like on my way...i hit 'Review' and lands on a page that says:

Step 1 of 2: Create an Apple Account for the UK Music Store

If the billing address of your payment card is not in the United Kingdom, click here

ok, that correct, i'm not based in the UK, i am based in Amsterdam...that's why i got the Dutch iTMS in the first place right? So i click the link, that gives me yet another page and allows me to chance country. I select 'Netherlands' from the dropdown menu, and now i get the DUTCH iTMS store!?!

Erm...looks like i'm back at the beginning. How on earth can i shop in the _dutch_ version of iTMS? I've read other stories of people not being able to buy, since they've seemed to have an US account, but managed to log out and create a new account. However, this account using my .Mac emailaddress has never been used before....

Can somebody please enlighten me? Coz i don't understand
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