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Hi there, Im a windows user unfortunately and whilst my machine is used primarily for gaming/surfing and a bit of photoshopping here and there, I need (read: want) a laptop and to be frank, Windows of late is boring me to death.

Anyway.... the point being, now that the iBook range has been beefed up to 1.2/1.33 GHz an apple laptop now becomes very very very desirable (well they always were but I always thought the powerbooks were a touch on the expensive side).

My question is, Should I get the 12" or the 14" ?

I have read mixed reviews about the 12" some saying the screen is inferior in quality to that on the 14" ?

Obviously the attraction of the 12" is the size, but if it is inferior in any way then I'd like to know.

I will be ordering it with 512MB of ram, will this be enough to run photoshop without it being boggy (im not gonna be doing anything remotely hardcore with it just fairly basic stuff).... again I have read that the I-Book can be a little sluggish with demanding apps...

I will be using my PC for anything heavy duty and I suppose the most taxing thing Im going to be doing with my mac is surfing multiple webpages and maybe some DVD viewing. Maybe photoshop... maybe. (Its not like I work as a graphic artist, In fact I dont even really need a laptop but they are soooo nice and now they have airport built in too I can share my broadband connection and surf the internet from my bed.... perfecto!

Anyway back to the question.... anyone compared the screens on the 12 and 14 inch models.... ?

Help me out please guys/girls I want a mac bad


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    if you are only going to use photoshop sparingly, then the 12" should be fine
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    Actually the more I read about the 9200 and the arguement about its ability to run Tiger's new features well is making me reconsider.... :/
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    I would get the 12" regardless of what you do in Photoshop and stuff like that. The reason i say this is the screens have the same rasolution so the image is just not as clear on the 14" than the 12" but if you could do PS on theh 14" then 12 is the same.
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