Which is better?

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I'm in the races to find the best digital camera within a spending limit. Under 1000. This camera will probably be the last one being bought for about 20 years! I've found the Nikon 8800 very fitting my needs and wants. Is there anything better at the same price range, i've found it around 800. How does nikon's high end camera picture quality compare to others, like canon? We have a 5700 at school which I think takes very nice pictures. Thoughts?


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    mikefmikef Posts: 698member
    Seems like you've already made a choice... go out on the web, read some reviews, get some hands-on experience if you can, and buy it. You could spend forever and a day researching a digital camera without committing to any particular one. If you like the Nikon, buy the Nikon.
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