shell command to know about ip configuration

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Hi guys

I am new bee in MAC. I have to detect the ipconfiguration of MAC through Java. Is it possible to know if the MAC is configurred DHCP or STATIC from some shell command.

In windows, we have ipconfig /all, that gives the information as

DHCP enabled ..... Yes or no, that tells us if ip configuration is DHCP or static.

Is it possible to get the same information from MAC shell commands.



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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    Try: ifconfig (InterFace CONFIGuration)
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    Originally posted by bunge

    Try: ifconfig (InterFace CONFIGuration)

    Well I tried "ifconfig en0", but i get so many parameters, which parameter tells us whether the ip configuration is DHCP or STATIC.

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