Greater Intergration of iPod and Automobile

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As much as I love using my iPod when I workout, on vacation, go almsot anywhere, etc. I would get probably twice the use of my $500 gadget if I could use it in the car.

Yeah I bought the iTrip as soon as I got my iPod and at first I was extrememly pleased. However I soon began to notice the bad quailty and eventually I didn't even want to listen to it anymore and started listening to CDs again. I hate having my fully digital music, with good quality sound, be mangled over the waves of FM, I mean isn't that the point of the iPod, to get rid of CDs and the radio, having all your music with you wherever you go.


When I heard that BMW had integrated iPod into their new cars, I was extatic. I thought this was it, now I can listen to my music in the car. But then I realized that I don't own a new BMW, nor can I afford to buy one. Although the iPod is an expensive gadget, I could guess that I speak for many people when I say that a new BMW is a little bit out of reach. Although I can say that if I had the kind of money to buy a new BMW, I certainly would and having my iPod seamlessly integrated would be a large selling point. Nonetheless, I am by no means bashing Apple for only going with BMW because in my mind Apple and BMW sort of go together with their modern design as well as their quaility. But, the fact still remains that BMW's aren't cheap.


A while after hearing about BMW's integration with iPod, I came across Alpine's in-the-making connection that would allow people to connect their iPod to any new Alpine head unit. I immediatly thought that I had to have one because it seemed perfect for me, I want iPod in my car and I am a big fan of Alpine. For some reason, however, after going to my local Alpine dealer I did not pre-order and have yet to order one. Then, I read somewhere that this device shows the screen that the iPod has when it is syncing which means that the hard drive is constantly spinning, greatly reducing the life of the disk. This made me shy away from the box even more although I still would like to give it a try.

So for those that have bought the Alpine Box or a new BMW, how does it work. Is it everything you expected and more or is it just another gadget that seems cool but doesn't really work as its supposed to? Also, about the hard drive constantly spinning while connected, can anyone confirm or deny this rumor? If it is true, is it really that bad for the iPod or is this also just a rumor?

Furthermore, what are other people's thoughts on iPod in the car? Do you think it is worthwhile? Any great ideas on which new gadget that will come out next to help bring the automobile and the iPod closer?


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    iPod in Your Car

    They now have a whole page devoted to iPod in the car. I guess its a step in the right direction. Still nowhere near what it could be.
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    Don't forget the IceLink from that lets you use your iPod with your factory radio and some aftermarket head units. Has gotten mixed reviews, but better than FM modulator or casette adapter.
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    I agree. A single cord from my iPod to my dash provides both sound and power connects.

    For me, there are two minor drawbacks with this arrangement. The volume knob is on my head unit yet all the other controls are on the iPod. Also, the iPod screen is much smaller and more difficult to read then my head-unit display.
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