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Ok, I just spent about a half hour looking through the iTunes help and on this message board, and can't get a straight answer on the following.

How do I transfer songs I've purchased that are on my iPod to my other computer? It doesn't let me drag it to my library. I am an idiot so be gentle. These songs I'm trying to transfer were purchased on my other system, but I should be able to have them on up to 3 computers right? What's going on? Am I doing something wrong? What's the process for transferring purchased songs from one computer to another using my iPod?


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    You "can't" take songs off of an iPod that are in the 'playlist' section of the iPod. You have to mount the iPod as an external harddrive on the machine, put the files on the drive (these files can't be played while they're in the drive area) and move them to the new machine.
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    Now there are some nice utilities that help you move your music from their hidden location on the iPod to your new computer.

    I would suggest Pod Works.

    I have used it before to get my songs off my iPod after my whole entire iTunes Library and all my music got trashed by accident. Luckily everything was still on my iPod and everything worked out in the end.

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