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I am looking for software for my mac that will let me keep track of contacts and organizations as well as schedule appointments and follow up calls. i also need it to be able to keep track of sales (how many, what price) and if it could have intergrated email that would be ideal. but i will need it to sync to my pda. i am not wanting ot use address book and ical or entourage because they only offer part of these functions, and i am wanting an all in one package. i have tried now up to date and daylight, but was not quite satisfide does anyone have any suggestions? surely there must be a program out there that does these. thanks for your help.


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    I would try Daylite again version 1.7. This is an improved version over their other ones. When I stated with Daylite I thought that it wouldn't really work but once I started using it everyday things really clicked and now I wouldn't use anything else. I you have any questions maybe I can help.

    Also I am not aware of any other programs available.
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    well i am about to plunk down the cash for daylight (my 30 days are up) but before i did i thought i'd give the web one more chance to offer another solution.
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