Looking for iMac apple ram (OEM)

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I would like to buy a 512 mb chip from someone who has the original apple ram that came in a iMac G5. I want to match the 512 chip that came with mine. The specs must match exactly. If you have a 512 chip with the following specs, please repy or post a pm

My chip has the following on it:

Hynix Korea 03

PC 3200U-30330

512 mb DDR 400MHz CL3

HYMD 264646BBJ-D43AA




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    rraburrabu Posts: 246member
    Do you want the specs to match exactly so that the memory is accessed on a 128 bit wide path instead of a 64 bit wide path?

    I found reference to this at:


    Some questions regarding the purchase of ram for an iMac:

    1. Is it true that exactly matched RAM sticks as described in the link above will be accessed faster? If so, does anyone know offhand where Apple has documentation of this?

    2. Would this work with any pair of memory bought together? Such as an iMac with 2 512M sticks from Apple, or buying 2 sticks of Samsung or Crucial memory in a single order.

    3. Is there a way to check the iMac how it is accessing the memory? Does Apple System Profiler show this information?

    4. I am in Canada. Any recommendations for good places to buy memory from? Best price for good quality memory considering shipping/tax/duty...
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    rraburrabu Posts: 246member
    So to answer some of these questions, I've found:

    Apple Documentation

    And an app that tests this at:


    Any one try this app out?
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    ishawnishawn Posts: 364member
    Is dealram.com a no-no for G5's? What about the powerbook G4?
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