upgrading HD in the iBook

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Anyone got any info or links on how to upgrade the HD in a 600 or 700 mhz iBook?


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    <a href="http://store.powerbook1.com/harddrives.html"; target="_blank">http://store.powerbook1.com/harddrives.html</a>;

    40 GB 5400 RPM with 8MB RAM buffer is $349 installed. They have to do it because installing an iBook hard drive is not user friendly. Then they also sell an external case that will FireWire power or external power the 20 or 30 they take out for $139. Total $488 for 40 fast inside plus 30 regular speed outside (70 GB). IE Expensive. So $1299 plus $488 = $1787. Still not bad.

    But that's an awful lot of money for very little more space. A lot cheaper to just live with the 30 inside and add a 120 GB AC only Firewire 3.5" outside ($250 for 150GB vs. $488 for 70 GB).
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