PB - clicking mouse twice selects 1'' below original cursor?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
On my G4 PB, if I click on a link twice quickly, sometimes the cursor moves down about an inch and selects something compeltely different than what I had wanted?

I've paid attention while doing this and it isn't my hand or anything else on the cursor pad that is moving the cursor.


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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,562member
    Are you tapping the trackpad or clicking on the the bar below the trackpad?

    If you are tapping on the trackpad it may mean that there is some static electricity involved. Try cleaning the trackpad.

    If it is the click bar it may be a problem with the hardware. Try showing it to someone at an Apple store.
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    I don't use the trackpad for tapping, just movement.

    And, unfortunately, the nearest Apple Store is hours away.
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