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Well, I've finally decided on getting my new PowerBook G4. I had contemplated an iMac G5 for some time, but portability is extremely important to me and, obviously, only the PowerBook fits that bill. I've been working with a 12" PowerBook G4 for the past year and need to move up to the 15" for the extra screen space. So, here's the configuration I'll be purchasing on Nov. 25th.

PowerPC G4 1.5 GHz w/128 MB ATI Radeon


80 GB 5400 RPM Hard Disk

Combo Drive

I'm upgrading the RAM myself through Crucial to 1 GB.

A few questions:

1. Anyone know what manufacturer(s) are used for the hard disk in the 15" PowerBook?

2. Any suggestions on how I can sell my 12" PowerBook and the 512 MB RAM that comes with my new PowerBook? (Obviously, eBay comes to mind. Can I post in the forums somewhere about items I want to sell?)

3. Anyone know what version of Mac OS X Panther comes pre-installed on the PowerBook (10.3.4 or 10.3.5, maybe)?

4. Definitely need a case as well. Been looking at the Brenthaven offerings through the Apple Store. Any suggestions? What are you all using?

5. Anyone own one of these machines that either wants to talk me out of it or encourage me in my ways?



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    1) I think is Hitachi

    2) Try eBay, PowerMax or this forums.

    3) It depends on when was manufactured the powerbook, but I'll bet with 10.3.5

    4) It's very personal, I usually check OWC or Amazon.

    5)I have an iBook and I love it, a friend of mine has a 17' PowerBook and is beautifull and fast. I recomend Applecare for your PowerBook
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    My HD Hitachi (in a 17" 1.33GHz)

    I have the Brenthaven case and it's very well made, and the laptop is well protected in a removable pouch made from high density foam.

    You will love the machine just so long as you don't want to play high end games. For everything else it's a very fast machine.
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    Thanks for the information. I'll take a closer look at the Brenthaven case at my local Apple store sometime this week. I am really looking forward to this machine! Thanks again!
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    I quite often buy and sell on ArsTechnica's Open Forum. Visit their main site here-


    Pretty solid message board there if you ask me.
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