OS 9 wont start up!

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Normally I wouldn't be terribly upset about this, but OS 9 wont work as a start up disk. I jsut recently wiped and re-installed everything, so the system should work just fine. My problem though, is that when I try to start my computer under OS 9, I get a disk icon with a blinking question mark that sometimes gives way to a smiling computer, but then does nothing more. I've looked for updates on the apple site, but i already have 9.2.2 supposedly. It works fine within OS X as classic, but if I try to play Diablo II under the classic shell, it's slow to the point of unplayble. I tried getting an OS X patch for diablo to circumvent the whole problem, but their patch is crap. At least on my machine it is.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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    What type of Mac do you have?

    I know I have had issues with Mirror Drive Door G4s that have a hard drive on the ATA/100 bus that will not boot up in OS 9, and moving the hard drive to the ATA/66 bus worked.

    In fact, I remember hearing many months ago about a "secret" OS 9.2.2 update.
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    When you reformatted, you checked the box to add OS 9 drivers, right?

    I didn't when I reinstalled and something similar happened. I had to reformat and start again.
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