IZ DVD-suitable for iMac software bundle

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The following is just a idea I would like to see (if Apple were to opt for it)

Apple could bundle Zim DVD's or a Pixar DVD (Finding Nemo perhaps) with iMac's or eMacs as these are consumer Macs and it's 5 years I've seen a iMac with a bundeled DVD movies. Invader Zim DVD's are selling well online-perhaps with iMac G5 rev b. What are your thoughts on this?

I thought about this when I read these DVD's might have a PAL release for Australia at a local DVD publisher's website. This could make the iMac more attractive to those who'd like to start a DVD collection. And many entertainment PC's come with DVD movies as part of their software bundle.

Just a idea that may not happen, but I have read that are selling well.

Media-Blasters is a not a company you'd associate with DVD publishing (mostly because it's a smaller oublisher of DVD's) as such but did release Invader Zim DVD's. As they're under US$30, it would be cheap for Apple to supply with consumer Macs.

However it's not readily available to non-US users. Apple offering these with iMacs would let users in Europe easily obtain these DVD's.

Why?-the iMac G5 includes games aimed at kids (NanoSaur 2 and Marble Blast. DVD's like Invader Zim would appeal to users who don't often get to see shows like this and are about $20 (often illegally download eps.)

Apple last included a Pixar DVD with iMac's in late '99

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