"Plays for sure" program

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Apple needs a program like this



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    It seems to be more for people who don't own a music player or buy ditial music yet... For that, it's great advirtisng for WMP & music players that support WM files. I see it as the "the rest" joining forces to battle the iPod.

    The iTunes + iPod, Mac + PC advertising does this same thing.
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    Originally posted by tonton

    How does it do the same thing?

    iPod works with iTunes, and they both work on PC and Mac. It's stating the truth.

    WMA does not "play for sure".

    Not all media files "play for sure" on WMA players.

    Unless that sentence is finished, i.e. "plays for sure on compatible devices" or "plays compatible media for sure", the sentence is a lie.

    That site isn't saying 'Hey this plays for sure on everything', they're saying 'Hey this plays for sure on this device'. Look at this page for example, it matches a music store with a music player.

    This sentance explains that: "Match the PlaysForSure logo on a large selection of leading devices and online music stores."
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,341member
    The problems currently is this.


    I want to buy a Phatbox for my VW and I'm deciding on what music services to support. Well initially I had to worry about whether DRM WMA or AAC files played. Now I don't have to worry about that with WMA but I can and will run into problems playing AAC Protected files on my phatnoise.

    Ok it's great iPods are selling great but there is no reason that makes sense why I can purchase an device from El Gato or Roku Labs and play only AAC ripped files. Apple..get your asses in gear and expand this market.

    I agree the iPod should be the only portable but Apple needs to open up DRM AAC for set top boxes and auto mobile applications. I'm expecting big things by CES 2005. If Apple doesn't deliver some sort of decent roadmap concerning iTunes and other products I'm going rant at Steve like no other.
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