Dvd Rw G4

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I couldn't swing the extra bucks for the superdrive when I purchased my dual 867 G4 a while back. I have no experience w/ writing DVDs. Any sugestions on an excelent internal drive that is plug and play, friendly with all formats, will jive w/ OS 10.2.8 and give me a "super-drive".

Anyone familiar w/ the Cannon Optura 40? I believe thats what I'm gonna go with due to reviews from several sources.

It comes w/ some video software. How about iDVD, Toast, ect. What am I gonna need to edit, burn and send DVDs to my new babies Uncle To Drunk To Walk and Grannie Mind Your Own Damn Business.


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    There are some pioneer drives out that work. I am not sure if the newest one does but I know the A06 and A07 drives do.

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