problems with firefox 1.0

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I recently installed firefox 1.0 from 0.9 and it would constantly hang when shutting down & when connecting to secure sites. So I removed it and re-installed 0.9 but now it won't open new windows at all. Even when I right click and say open link in new window.

Anyone know where I can delete some settings installed by 1.0 to fix this?



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    It could be that your profile is corrupted somehow.

    Try renaming your profile directory ~\\Library\\Application Support\\Firefox to something else. Don't delete it (yet), or you'll lose all your settings!

    Try running Firefox again to see if that helps. If all is ok now, you can then copy bits like your bookmarks and saved passwords over if this is the case. If you're still having problems with your profile, it might be your preference files in ~\\Library\\Preferences\\org.mozilla.firefox.plist Try trashing that.

    Hope that helps!
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    I have used Firefox for about one month without any problem. Yet, from last night I cannot use Firefox (1.0) anymore. When I click the Firefox, my Powerbook (G4) hangup. So, I 'uninstall' it. However, now I can use it, barely -- without any of its extension. Does anybody here know why this happens?

    I really want to use Firefox's extensions, especially adblock.
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