problems with sound coming from JBL creatures

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hey everyone

i recently started to notice some problems with my JBL creature speakers.

there's static when i'm playing songs or well any kind of sound, games, music, warning sounds, everything

like yesterday, i connected em again yesterday after they had sit in the corner of the room for about a day, they worked fine again, watched a dvd, went to sleep

today i start my mac up, first everything is fine, now 15 minutes later i have the same prob again, the bass is ok, it's just the sound that is coming from the satelites that's screwed up

first question, has anyone ever experience this before, and if so, did you know what the problem was and what to do about it?

second question, it's just a big guess and it don't add up really but i'll tell you anywho

i got a logitech MX 1000 lasermouse 5 days ago, it's wireless, and in those 5 days i started to notice problems with my speakers, co-incedence? or could it be that the signal from my cordless mouse is screwing up the sound of my speakers (i'm thinking of the prob you have with unshielded network cables, if you have machinery around that produces a lot of noise/vibration/... your singal could be disrubted, could it be that the wires to my satelites are unshielded and that the signal from my mouse is disrubting the sound output?

i just a big guess so don't shoot me if this isn't possible, but it's the only thing i could think of, although it could be true in some way, like when i'm watching a movie i'm not using my mouse and then the sound is fine

i'm doin a lil test now, i unplugged my mx1000 and started using my old mx 500 again which isn't cordless, i'll see if it makes a difference, still any info would be highly appriciated

thx in advance for any help


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    well using my mx 500 didn't make much difference

    if i leave me speakers on for a while i still get static

    and since i don't get much help on here i guess i'll just take em back to the store to get them fixed
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    Sounds like a "termination" problem. Take them back and ask them to test 'em good. remember to tell them that the problem starts after 15 min, other wise thay'll just switch'em on and say "these work fine mate you must be hearing things"
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