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I've decided to get a new powerbook for uni. I'm a comp science student and have been using one of the first 1.25ghz 15.2" models from when they were released last september. I've been thinking of buying a new top of the range 1.5Ghz and sticking in a 512mb stick to replace my current 'tired' machine.

I'm mainly a developer/unix user.

Anyone think I'm mad to buy now - or should I wait til the MWSF Jan 05?


-- Andrew


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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member
    Sounds to me as though you don't really need this new powerbook, and is a purchase based upon want, not need, (but then again I'm not into comp sci or a developer) as your current model is pretty recent, and pretty close in terms of spec of the current powerbooks. If I were you I'd wait till SF05, as the iBooks have been updated to a pretty similar spec to the current powerbook line, and this means that the powerbooks will probably be updated soon, as there really isn't a great deal splitting the two ranges apart, albeit the graphics cards, form factor and bus/ram speed.

    So yeh I'd wait, seems as though you can, so wait for the next range and let rip with your wallet

    BTW I'm using my powerbook now which I got for uni and I love it, powerbooks are fantastic machines But I do miss my old dualie 1Ghz
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    You're right. I don't really* need a new machine. I think I'll hold off and buy in January. I will probably sell my current machine pretty soon though to get good value for it, and I'll not be using it much in December due to Christmas holidays and exams!

    What you think I would get for it selling-wise (uk £):

    1.25ghz, 80gb, 64mb 9700, 512mb, backlit keyboard, superdrive.

    What model of powerbook are you using? I'm pretty interested by the 17" models but not sure about the size for college.

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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member
    Price wise I can't really say, I'd guess around £1100-1300, as it is the top of the line model of the old range, but it has a slower G4 and graphics card in it, but it does have the 80GB BTO and backlit keyboard plus a superdrive, so it's very nicely specced.

    My powerbook is in my sig, it's a beaut, 15" 1.33Ghz G4, 80GB HD, 9700 64mb, 1GB Ram, very happy with it, only thing I would have wanted would have been the 128MB graphics card option - my GF4Ti in my powermac is faster than the 9700 in my powerbook.

    The 17" models are big, quite a bit bigger than you'd think looking at the 15" models and then trying to picture 2" more of screen and base, personally, I think 15" is ideal, and the perfect compromise between a desktop replacement and being able to be mobile with it.

    Out of curiousity, what uni are you at? what year? I take it you're in the UK as you asked for a price in good old sterling, I'm at Royal Holloway, in my first year.
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    Cheers for the input. I'm gonna sell soon before MWSF 05, and the upcoming powerbook revisions. Will be interesting to see what steve has up his sleeve.

    I'm a second year edinburgh comp science student.
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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member

    That's cool, as you're doing a comp sci degree and you're at Edinburgh University, you must know quite a bit about this then.
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    Yes though I doubt I'll ever get my hands on it! pity.
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    I'm so tempted to drop $1000 on a 12" iBook...but after playing with the Powerbooks, you can feel the difference in quality...especially the keyboard.

    Problem is I don't have $2000 for the 15" inch model which I really covet. I could perhaps beg, borrow, steal (?) enough for a 12" PB, but I figure it's really too close the the 12" iBook to consider.

    It's either go really cheap now, or save and get what I want, later.

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    I've decided to get a new 15" powerbook when they are released instead of forking out the same money now for a glorified iBook!

    Might thank myself in january if they release a g5 for dual g4
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    One thing I can never understand in any of these threads...

    How can you sell your current machine? I can't bear to part with old Macs even when i get new ones. They are like family.
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    I don't see the point in keeping a powerbook that I'll not use. If I get a new one - that will be my machine, full stop.

    Plus, it covers some* of the cost of the upgrade.

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