Help with Final Cut Pro 4.5

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" VTS_01_1.VOB" is their a way to covert this file to a quicktime file? I need the clip to include both the video and the audio. thanks

thanks for your help in advance


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    4fx4fx Posts: 258member
    FFMPEG for OS X should do the trick. You will also need to download a couple other files (you dont need the Real Media one) from different sites, but they will provide you with the links.

    Just make sure to set the video to DV (there are presets) and set the audio to PCM @ 48KHz.

    And I suppose it should go without saying, that you would use it entirely for legal purposes.
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    thanks for the help. i figured it out late last night.

    p.s. its all legal, i got permision from the owners.

    thanks again.
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    4fx4fx Posts: 258member
    By the way, in case you didnt know, a .VOB file is a DVD video (mpeg2 or 1) and audio (ac3, PCM, or Dolby Digital) file that has been muxed together.

    Its important to note that you will loose quality when converting to the NTSC DV codec. At best, you are now using 3rd generation material. However, you might find it acceptable and you certainly wont get anything nearly as bad as digitizing from a VHS tape. But fast motion can sometimes become pixelated and the video will become more contrasty (again, you might find it acceptable).

    Anywho, good luck...
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    You could also try MPEG streamclip:

    It's a new, free product, seems more Mac-like than FFMPEGX.
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    i figured it out.

    thanks to everyone who posted
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