G5 2.5 Fax & Distinctive Ring

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I would love to get rid of my fax machine and use my G5 for the few faxes I do send/receive. My fax phone number is an SBC distinctive ring second number. I found a code change on MacWorld but it did not work on the MotorolaSM56K.kext (v1.2.0) modem in my G5. Apple Tech support will not suggest user code changes.

Anyone using distinctive ring and how?


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    How exactly do you use a G5 as a fax anyway.. do you have to buy special software?
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    too cool... I just figured it out... I'll be damned!

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    What it needs however is a way to turn on and off the fax without digging out the system prefs every time..

    There is a freeware out there that shows the fax icon in the tool bar if you are sending or receiving, but that's all it does. No on/off feature which would be great for those of us with just one phone line.
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    Originally Posted by UnixMac View Post

    too cool... I just figured it out... I'll be damned!

    How did you do it? I have been trying to figure it out for a while now???
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