Any opinions on the OWC Mercury Elite external drives?

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A friend is recommending that I buy a OWC Mercury Elite external firewire drive, he claims that it's just as good as LaCie or even better. According to the reviews i've read they seem pretty good, are any of you using one?


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    Regardless of what you get, if you plan on using large files (say big backups), format it to HFS+ if it isn't already. I know when i got my first firewire drive, it wasn't and i kept getting problems trying to make 8 gigabyte files. I finally discovered the problem (with the help of some people here).

    Most of the better brands that are marketed to macs are already formatted but i figured i would just share my $0.02

    check out and see if there are any reviews
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    I've used the Mercury Elite series for the past three years and haven't had any problems. In fact, I just ordered another one, a 250 GB external drive to backup my new G5 iMac. As far as I know, both OWC and LaCie have good reps. Either one is a fine choice.
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    I should be getting one of these tomorrow. I'll report back with first impressions.
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