BF1942:SWoWW2 observation

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Just got the Battlefield 1942 expansion pack "Secret Weapons of WW2" and I've noticed that on these levels my framerate drops considerably on all of my macs. The maps and vehicles are just that much more complex that it slows down so much more than the original levels. I would imagine that 1Ghz machines are going to struggle. Just wanted to let you all know in case your machines are struggling with the original levels.

One last thought, it's still very playable on a dual 2gig G5 with a 9800pro but I got sick of playing it on a 1.33gig PB 17incher.


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    hehe, i don't even need swoww2 to make battlefield choke on my powerbook (1ghz, radeon 9000). so i pretty much gave up playing. even waiting for enemies at a flak cannon is way too slow. it runs great on my friends 1.5ghz pentium m with a radeon 9200, so at first i thought it should be playable on my machine...
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