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I am always surprised by the fanaticism of some posters, defending apple to the death, I wonder just how many people are like that. While apple is better than MS I recognize its faults.


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    I voted for the second option. Apple products are indeed superior to those made by Microsoft, Dell, HP, Sony, and so on.

    The funny thing about that is that I own a PC. I built it myself and I really like it, even though I've been a Mac guy for years. Macs are just so extremely expensive compared to PCs that when it was about time to upgrade, I built a $1000 PC that easily outperforms any Mac under $2000.

    I like the customization options that PCs provide. I can do a lot of things on it for free that are very expensive on a Mac. The main disadvantage that I've seen is that Windows is not a tightly integrated, homogeneous experience like OS X. I ran into some problems finding the right software to accomplish things that were built in on the Mac, and I also had problems installing Windows on a SATA drive. Still, those things are tiny in comparison to what most Mac users associate with Windows PCs. I haven't restarted my PC in about a week, I have no spyware or viruses, and overall the user experience is very transparent - I don't focus on Windows itself nearly as much as I focus on Firefox or iTunes or whatever other application I'm using.

    Oh yeah, and for gaming it's amazingly good. Performance is generally better than you'd see on even the most powerful Mac available, and this is for a single 2.0 GHz processor with a lowly Radeon 9600 Pro video card.

    Anyway, I still think Macs are better. I'd say that for 90% of computer users, the Mac is the best option, because it's the easiest to use and most people aren't techies. I'm into that sort of thing though, and that's why I use a PC. Not for the OS, but for the hardware.
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    I voted for the first, though I think I should qualify it a little....

    MS is/was a monopoly and the level of power that it has in the industry is large. If it was not for its small competitors trying to keep it honest, then the IT market would stagnate. You only have to look at IE for the proof of this. MS copies/buys innovation, and this is not healthy.

    Whether it be apple or linux or someone else, I would be much happier seeing MS reeled in so the industry is more equitable.

    (and I only preach apple to people who are receptive)
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    Also an owner of a PC, but recently (4 months ago) we got an iMac for my wife... but i am much behind it too!

    Got some major problems with the iMac, but am afraid that's due to the moving and the handling of the iMac during that..

    First time using the Mac, just loved it...

    We still need to by a tablet, the mouse is just no good, nice design though!
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    I voted for the first one. Not because I believe it but because it just sounds so cool.

    Corporal Chester reporting for duty General Jobs, Sir! <salutes and snaps to attention>
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    i voted for the second one, i mean, i had always used pcs in school, and then i started getting into macs freshmen year, and i just think that they are far superior to pcs, and i couldn't live without my mac, it is just awesome!
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