Any opinions on the OWC Mercury Elite external firewire drives?

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A friend is recommending that I buy a OWC Mercury Elite external firewire drive, he claims that it's just as good as LaCie or even better. According to the reviews i've read they seem pretty good, are any of you using one?


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    resres Posts: 711member
    I've been using one for about six months. So far it has been working great for sound and video.
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    dwsdws Posts: 108member
    The Mercury Elite is a great firewire drive & OWC is a wonderful company.

    Just a couple weeks ago, the on/off switch on one of my very old OWC drives started having trouble. Even though it is way out of warranty and OWC couldn't provide parts, they went out of their way to provide a number of options; including detailed instructions on how to identify the specific switch used, a link to the manufacturer's website for purchase & detailed instructions on installation. This is only one example of the excellent service I've received from this company over the years.

    I would highly recommend this specific drive and OWC in general.
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    Thanks for the response, will probably order one of their drives today..
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