I couldn't take it anymore... so I ordered!

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Hi all,

I posted on here a while ago about ordering a PB G4 now versus waiting until MWSF. Well, my dad's PC died out, and he needed a new one. So, I bravely offered up my own desktop on the condition that he provided some funds for a new powerbook

In any case, several calls to the CC company later, the order finally went through today! Here are the specs:

15" 1.5ghz G4

128mb Radeon 9700

80gb 5400rpm hard drive

512mb ram, 1 so-dimm (plus another 512 stick from crucial)

Combo drive (to cut down on costs)

came out to 2344 with the educational discount, 2484 after 140 in taxes - ouch!

In any case, I can't WAIT to use Mac OSX on a regular basis!

Edit: I should probably clarify some of my reasons for ordering now.

-Even if they did introduce a g5 powerbook at MWSF, I would probably have to wait until Febuary or March to get my hot little hands on it. I'm an impatient guy.

-It's not always the case, but sometimes Rev. A's are a tad buggy. I like the fact that most of the bugs have been stamped out of the Rev. C Powerbooks.

-The curent PB is more than enough to suit my needs: word processing, music, movies, and World of Warcraft

-It looks like the Imac G5 isn't *significantly* faster than the current PB G4.

So there you have it! Agh... now comes the unbearable wait.


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    Btw, I just ran across some pictures of warping on macspy.com... can anybody explain why this happens/how to prevent or repair it for free? Please lay my fears to rest
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    Haven't heard of warping; do you have a link? A friend of mine got a new PowerBook (exact same specs as you) a month ago and it's fine.

    The only thing that I might change is: why not get a bigger Crucial chip? OS X uses a lot of caching to speed things up, and especially if you want to run many applications at the same time, RAM is worth its weight in gold.
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    Why you weren't able to hold out for nuclear power cells and a 3 terrahert G10, I'll never know.

    Some people just have no patience.

    (I knew there was no way you could hold out)
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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member
    I know how you feel.

    A little more than two years ago, I bought the 667 MHZ DVI model, knowing full well an update would soon come. Two months later, Apple updated the line while also slashing prices. I paid dearly just to have a laptop at the beginning of college. Now web pages aren't loading quite as fast as the newer models at the Apple Store. It's feelingly slightly sluggish elsewhere. I should have waited!
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