ipoto alternatives ?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I like iphoto but need something a little faster or with other features. I have seen a few before but forget the names off hand...


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    iView Media Pro is one app that's very good. Canto Cumulus is another. There is a third but I don't remember the name.


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    Kodak has a really nice iPhoto-like program that was written in Cocoa, called Kodak Easy Share.

    A very nice program, indeed!
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    Graphic converter should have come free with your Mac. its not the best but its different than iPhoto. Another free app (that you already have in your apps folder) that is highly underrated is Omnioutliner.
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    iView Media is a firm favourite of mine. Much faster than iPhoto and better at the oragnisation as long as you want to keep your own organisation structure.

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