ibook airport extreme signal strength

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hi, got my airport extreme card replaced,

everything is working in my ibook,

but i have a little question here.

i once heard ibook has got the strongest airport signal (correct me if i am wrong),

when i put my ibook side by side with my imac, the ibook got 3 bars whilst the imac (not extreme) got full strength, i am using an airport express which is around 10 feet away,

am i being paranoid again?

also what is 'apple talk' about, i turned on file sharing and the 2 macs can share files.



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    check if you airport card is plugged in fully. if you think it is, check again. its not fully in, that is why you don't get very good signal strenghts.
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    p.s. my ibook:12", 1.2GHz, 768 MB, airport extreme, BT
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    It has often been said that the iBook had the best reception of any Apple portable. I haven't seen it compared to any desktop machine. In my experience our Graphite iMac gets better reception than any of our portables. An iMac has much more room for a nice antenna than a portable does.
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    firehcfirehc Posts: 368member
    yeah, i am sure the plug is all the way in,

    maybe you guys are right about that, the ibook airport reception is the best among laptop only.

    one more thing, do u guys experience strength reduction during downloading, i watched QT trailers and saw the strength reduction to 1 bar or sometimes 0 bar. this is very interesting as this never happens in the imac.

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