Graphics State of the Union video(WWDC)

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Wow...Tiger is going to blow my mind


Reading about some of this stuff is one thing but watching QT video playing flawlessly on a OpenGL plane that can be turned and twisted is something else.

Watch the video and try not to get lost because of the "geek speak" and you will be amazed.

QTKit is going to give QT a big boost in the arm. The future is feckin' cool! Longhorn? Phhhhfffft. Whateva.


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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Nice to mostly get past the shlocky "RDF" thing too. No comments like "totally cool" and "kickass" as fillers. Content! Pure content! Well, plus demos.

    Over my head too (streaming content model?), but very interesting indeed. The OpenGL wireframe demo was fantastic. Gah, I wish Apple could really shake up the AEC market. I wish people could see what crap AutoCAD and 3D Max is and how much better things could be for them.

    They're being much more focused and a lot less, uh, forgiving towards those who have done the "bad Carbon ports." No QuickDraw improvements and outright telling people to get off the legacy stuff now.
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