Wireless Xbox Live??

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I recently bought an Xbox and I've got a linksys 54mbps wireless router. I wish to get a wireless adapter for my xbox so I don't have to use an rj45 ethernet cable from my router to the xbox (as both will be separated by a flight of stairs). Only thing is, I'm a bit puzzled at what to get, and I'm having trouble finding a product that will do this, I've come across a few such as this linksys adapter. Would this be the best thing for the job?

Any info would be great




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    Would this be the best thing for the job?

    Yes .

    That's exactly the configuration I was looking at getting .

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    Thanks Dave!
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    Matt, check this out:


    It seems that an Airport Express will do the job too, and enable iTunes streaming to a nearby amplifier . You do have a surround amplifier for your Xbox, don't you? .

    So my revised pan is to have an AX connected to my cable modem, Airport Extreme card in my iMac, and another AX downstairs for Xbox Live and iTunes streaming .

    Wireless rocks!

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    Thanks for the links . I didn't know there was an 'official' Xbox Live wireless adaptor, but that would certainly do the job. I don't think it's available here in the UK yet though .

    Personally, I'm going for the Airport Express route, as I'll be able to stream iTunes as well. And it's an Apple product, not a MS one .

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    Guys/Gals, halt this line of talk. it is well documented that xBox live via wireless is crummy. I have been through 3 wireless routers and 2 xboxs before giving up and dropping a hard line. No other wireless device in my house has had these issues.
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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member
    I just simply can't get my setup to work, (linksys wireless G ADSL gateway with Linksys wireless G game adapter) I'm using 128bit WEP, I've set the correct password and everything, even when I plug my game adapter into my mac, and disconnect from airport, I get an internet connection however I still cannot get the damn Xbox to pickup the net connection.

    Anyone got any ideas? (Oh and linksys claims that this wireless adapter will give me no lag period, and that it's xbox certified, but then again, I don't know whether it's any good or not.)
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    I have been using Xbox Live via wireless since Halo 2 came out. I am using that certified Microsoft MN-740 wireless adaptor I bought at Gamestop.. I am using it my airport express network with no problems whatsoever.. couldn't be happier... just didn't want to run a wire all over the house from the CPU room to the living room just for Xbox Live.. I mean if all my macs in my house were wireless, my xbox should be too...
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    mystmyst Posts: 112member
    Well question:

    Is it possible to use this iBook (getting internet from airport network) to give the internet to the xbox via ethernet?
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    keshkesh Posts: 621member
    From what I've heard, no. People have tried routing their XBox through a wireless desktop/laptop Mac, and it simply doesn't recognize it for some reason.
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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member
    Yeh I've tried it with my Powerbook, gives me nothing, I guess Microsoft weren't keen on the idea of people using their macs this way.
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    mystmyst Posts: 112member
    A google search gave some interesting results, but hrm, This looks like it needs some set up...
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