Questioning of Reporting A Problem and having it fixed

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I just got my powerbook. I love it. The only annoying thing about it (which I've tried to keep myself from noticing) is that the ",'"key tends to share with other keys around it in which the board or whatever the keys are fastened to is loose and will pop up so that when I press the key it pops more than the others. There isn't an issue with losing it...and I just got it so I know AppleCare would take care of it... but is it something they'd mess with? I also have the warranty from the store for 3 years as well... but I figure AppleCare would do it since it's only been a week or so.

Is this something to fuss about? Would they fix it? Do I just take it to my applestore? About how long do you think they'll need it? Would it require me to lose any data I already have on the computer hard drive?


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    I once had a keyboard problem with a PowerBook, but didn't want to be without my PowerBook for God-knows-how-long waiting for it to be repaired, so I managed to talk someone at Apple into shipping me a new keyboard so I could replace the keyboard myself. Apple also sent my a pre-paid mailer to return the old keyboard.
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    I found a discussion here at about the problem. How did your outcome come out so far? I think it might be some of the adhesive problem because if I push it down to stick it back, it will work for a while, and then it will pop up a few clicks later.

    Please any support is welcomed. thanks!
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