Bad RAM in One, Good RAM in Another

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I'm told that OS X (I have 10.3.6) tends to be very finicky about RAM. What works in one machine, doesn't work in another.

I'm considering buying a stick of RAM from a trusted seller (private sale.) She purchased this RAM from another person who claims it was working in another machine.

When she put this PC100 SODIMM 512MB SDRAM into her parents' late 2003 iBook G3 900, the following was reported:

- most often they get the popup box that says restart your computer

- then next often they get the spinning wheel and are forced to press the power button to restart

- then the next often but close to equal the mouse arrow disappears and they are forced to press the power button to restart

- then finally they will be surfing the internet and the screen will just go black and they will be forced to press the power button to restart.

Removing the RAM solves all these issues.

I have a Ti-Powerbook (G4 400) and I'm wondering if the same issues are likely going to happen in my laptop? Are there any "rules" to this?
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