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Hi All,

I'm considering starting a personal journal, but I'm torn between a digital journal and a pen/paper journal. What do you all use? Do you even keep a journal?

A digital journal obviously has its upside. For me, the fact that I type almost as fast as I think is really helpful while my handwriting is quite slow most of the time. I'm also quite a perfectionist, so the digital journal would allow me to go back and edit spellings and such or add in some data as I wanted.

But... the nostalgia factor of a pen/paper journal is hard to overcome. Thinking about being in Rocky mountain national park with my journal is a nice thought. But... a PowerBook could always come along with me if needed.

What do you all think? Opinions?

Edit: I just checked out personal handwriting fonts. Sounds like it might suit the bill for me perfectly. Anyone have any experience with this? Anyone use a personal handwriting font? Where'd you get it? How much did it cost? Do you like it? Thanks!


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    i used to keep a regular journal, but after a while, i stopped writing in it, and now i spend more time on my computer, so i find it's a lot easier to have a blog than it was to use a regular journal. so, i'd go digital!
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