Taking on Apple Care...

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Norway probably has some of the best consumer legislation in the world. We have a legislated two year guarantee on consumer goods. On lasting electric consumer goods we have a 5 year guarantee.

So it literally pisses me of when Apple is trying to push their Apple Care package down consumer throats. On Apple.no the only support number given states that outside of 90 days it will cost you 362,- norwegian kroner (about 59$).

I recently made a call to apple to complain about a Powerbook power adapter and the support person asked me if I had Apple Care and if I wanted to buy Apple Care. I told him plainly that I didn't need it, and he sent me a new adapter.

Put it still pisses me of. I really like my mac(s) and Apple. BUT trying to sell me something that I'm actually guaranteed by law is pretty low. So I made an official consumer complaint against Apple.


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    When I bought my iPod mini at a local store(not apple) the guy there made me argue with him for like 10 mins before he would give me the iPod w/o AppleCare. I am money ahead by not buying extended warranties.
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