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I'm looking for an LCD appropriate for emailing, web surfing, photos, music, watching the odd DVD (not a gamer.)

I'm considering getting a 17" LCD and I've come across two models that I like.

Should I wait till boxing day for slightly more expensive, but higher quality 17" LCD, or are these two a great value? Is there another brand I should consider? I want something big, cheap and going to last for 3 years (including a computer upgrade.)

BenQ FP731 (total cost including taxes: $320.99 CAD)


BenQ FP737 (total cost including taxes: $387.44 CAD)

FP731 VS FP737

Display Area: 13.3" x 10.6" ... 13.3" x 10.6"

Brightness: 260 cd/m2 ... 260 cd/m2

Contrast: 450:1 ... 450:1

Response Time: 25 ms ... 16ms

Pixel Pitch (mm): 0.264 ... 0.264

Viewing Angle (H/V Degrees): 140/130 ... 140/120

True Panel Resolution (Max.): 1280 x 1024 ... 1280 x 1024

Display Color Palettes: 16.2 million (With Dithering) ... 16.2 million (With Dithering)

Input Signal: D-sub ... D-sub & DVI

Integrated Speakers: No ... No

Pivot: No ... No

Swivel: No ... No

i*Key Auto Calibration: Yes ... Yes

OSD Controls: Yes ... Yes

VESA Wall Mounting Support: Yes (100x100mm) ... Yes (100x100mm)

Low Radiation: TCO99 ... TCO99

Kensington Lock Support: Yes ... Yes

Horizontal Frequency (Max) KHz: 31 - 81 ... 31 - 81

Vertical Frequency (Max) Hz: 56 - 76 ... 56 - 76

Video Bandwidth (MHz): 25 - 135 ... 25 - 135

Power Supply: Built-in ... Built-in

Power Consumption (Max.): 45W ... 45W

Both have a 3 year warranty from BenQ (includes backlight.)


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    tomjtomj Posts: 120member
    I haven't been impressed with their products to be honest, I didn't think the image was that great and the aesthetics weren't that great either. I did however realy like th LG branded displays, i thought they were bright and the colors really vivid. My biggest problems with lcds is that they never feel very stable, reducing the desktop footprint, i feel, has also reduced the rigidity or the product. This of course doesn't count towards apples displays which always feel rock solid, but you may have to buy an adaptor for those.

    I just wouldn't skimp on quality for a good price, it's not always worth it.

    just my two cents,

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    tomshardware.com has exhaustingly thorough LCD reviews. They don't cover every model in existense, but it doesn't hurt to check.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member

    Input Signal: D-sub ... D-sub & DVI

    Given only the two options, the answer should be obvious.

    Also note that BenQ is really a division of Acer, which has a so-so reputation at best.
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