did Ballmer really say this?

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i found this super funny:


"We think our software is far more secure than open-source software. It is more secure because we stand behind it, we fixed it, because we built it. Nobody ever knows who built open-source software"

the whole cnn story.



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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    He says it all the time. It's his standard response to the open source issue.
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    Yep, he really said that.

    MS is just trying to save their ship from the sinking it so deserves.

    Everybody is wising up to open source and becoming wary of Microsofts proprierary lock in way of forcing people sho use one MS product to go all MS.

    the security comment is a joke to anyone who knows anything about it. jsut becuase they built it makes it more secure? please.

    Just because I don't know who built the Open Source software does not mean it is not secure.

    Let's see: I could either buy expensive, bloated, insecure software from a company who I know built it, or I could get software for free or cheap that is secure from someone i don't know.

    Gee, I don't know. Perhaps options 2 is the way to go. You think?

    In fact, I don't think it is wise for Ballmer to talk about how we know that Microsoft builds its software. The name Microsoft is equated with bad, expensive, monopoly, antitrust, virus, insecure, blue screen of death, crash, buggy, and just plain wrong in a mean sense (remember Mike Rowe and www.mikerowesoft.com?).

    I'm thinking Microsoft had better just not talk about Open source at all. No matter what they say, they just look bad because we all know they are wither lying or trying to decieve one way or the other. the nerve of that company trying to do this to foreign countries, some of which cannot afford their software. Trying to scare them into lining MS's pocketbooks just to run their government offices.

    The government can go open source or Mac. At least that way, they will be secure adn the stuff will actually work right.
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