will this work for a g5 powermac...

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hi gang,

i have been looking at my storage options and i'm going to need to upgrade soon.

i'm running a weibetech duo dock 800 firewire with each bay having it's own chip and bus which i love. each drive is 250 gb. i also have 1 terabyte in dual 2 gig g5. two 250gb oem drives and two 250 gb drives off a firmtek sata card positioned in front of the cpu fans via g5 drive bracket.

this is what i plan on doing but will it work and what potential problems might i have?

i want to get a g5 1.6 powermac and turn it into a file server. i want to have the same drive configuration as my dual 2 gig plus want to add two more drives via firmetk sata card and position those two drives below the cpu heatsink.

i also want to remove the optical drive and place two parallel ide drives on the optical drive bus.

can i configure this into a raid 5?

can i replace the single cpu fan with the double fan for added ventilation?

i'm assuming i will have to load up server instead of client. what would the advantages be?

sorry for my ingnorance.

i want to connect this via gigbit ethernet to my dual 2 gig. is there an advantage to having an airport card in the new server box?

i have an extreme airport network already setup.

your input is much appreciated before i try this.

chung lee


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    If you're only going to use it as a file server, then consider going the PC route and run Linux. It will be much cheaper, perform just as well and you can get RAID 5 with no additional software.

    If you really need to run OS X on it, then the best option is probably an external SATA array - futzing around with the fans in a G5 would be something I'd be hesitant to do...

    Check out macgurus.com for their info on SATA arrays - RAID 5 will require additional software (like SoftRAID) and the performance sucks...

    Another alternative is one of the custom FW800 RAID 5 arrays - this should again be cheaper and less risky than the G5 mod approach.
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    enderender Posts: 353member
    If you need so much space, wouldn't it just be easier to get a server-type machine that's already set up to provide massive storage? I'm not in that sort of market, so I don't know if it is cost-prohibitive, but it just seems like a hack to get a tower and stuff it full of hard drives when they make machines that come the way that you want them.

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