Using two monitors on a Mac G4/466 AGP

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Hi All:

Is this possible, can I use two monitors on the Mac G4/466 AGP. It has two video connectors on the AGP video card, an ADC(I think) and a VGA connector. The Mac I have is standard, as it comes from the shop, no modifications to the hardware so the Video card in there is the standard one. Is it possible to connect 2 vga monitors to the Mac, with one of the monitors using a ADC to VGA adaptor and be able to use both monitors like extended desktop mode.

All Help Appreciated.



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    You surely can. Just hook both your monitors up, you may have to restart, and them open your monitors prefs and set res's and stuff, and your set.
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    enderender Posts: 353member
    Depends on the grahpics card it has... My DP 500 was I think a generation before yours, but mine came with a ATI Rage 128 which could not run both monitors at once. I had to use a PCI graphics card to run both of my monitors.

    You can look in the System Profiler (Utilities folder) for information about your grahpics card.

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    It sais ATI Rage 128 Pro Graphics card occupies an 4X AGP slot. Anyone know if this is dual display compatible? Anyone tried and tested this to see if it works on dual display mode. Is this the card you are talking about Ender?

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    enderender Posts: 353member
    I believe you're out of luck as far as dual displays are concerned with that card. It does have the two outputs, but only enough power to run one or the other. You'd have to upgrade to a newer AGP card to be able to have two monitors on one card.


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